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It is the U.S.A.

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Q: Which country has produced the most World Boxing Champions?
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What country has the most world boxing champions?

Mexico; 107United States: 416 world champions

What country comes in second place for producing the most world boxing champions?

maybe Mexico?

How many world boxing champions has Scotland had?


What world boxing champion was jailed in the 90's?

Many boxing World Champions were jailed in the 90s, but you're probably asking about Mike Tyson.

Who have been Olympic boxing champions?

Some Olympic boxing champions that went on to become world champions include Munammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Oscar de la Hoya. Go to the following web site:

How many boxing champions did Philippines produced?

There are 37 boxing champions from Philippines since Pancho Villa won the World Flyweight crown in 1923. He is also the first Asian. Great Filipino boxers revered by the world includes Ceferino Garcia, Flash Elorde and Manny Pacquiao. Other notable boxers are: Penalosa brothers, Small Montana, Ben Villaflor, Luisito Espinosa and Nonito Donaire.

Who were the world heavyweight boxing champions?

Currently it's Vlad an Vitali Klitschko and David haye.

Which was the First country to be world champions in soccer?


Which country is the current world champions of badminton?


What country are the world champions of cricket?

no doubt it's India

Who was the first heavyweight boxing champion of the world?

Although there was no formal boxing organization until 1921, John L. Sullivan is considered by historians to have been the first heavyweight champion of the world. His reign was between 1882-1892. Click on the 'Heavyweight Boxing Champions' link on this page to see a chronological list of those boxers that have been heavyweight champions. but muhammed ali is the greastest of all time ha

Which country is the world champion in women's cricket?

the world champions for the woman's cricket is England

What is the most famous boxing gym in the US?

Kronk, in Detroit, MI. This famous gym run by Emmanuel Steward has produced 37 world champions, including Tommy "The Hitman" Hearns, and current IBF welterweight title holder, Kermit Cintron.

Who is the reigning heavyweight boxing champ?

The answer depends on what boxing organization you are talking about. Here is a list of the current (2009) heavyweight champions for the four major sanctioning bodies. World Boxing Association - Nikolay Valuev World Boxing Council - Vitali Klitschko International Boxing Federation - Wladimir Klitschko World Boxing Organization - Wladimir Klitschko For updates, see related links below.

In which sport has England produced the most world champions?

im not to sure but i would say athletics

Who has the most boxing champions Puerto Rico or Mexico?

Mexico: 9 puerto rico: 0, current boxing world champions... Here is a list of total (although this list is from 2010):

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Glue is produced in almost every industrialised country in the world

Which country produced highest rice in the world in 2007?

China produced the most.

What country were 1924 world rugby union champions?

The RWC did not start until 1987

What is Amir khan famous for?

amir khan is famous for GHAJINIAmir Iqbal Khan ((urdu-language-1: عامر اقبال خان) (born 8 December 1986) is a united-kingdomboxingfrom bolton-1, greater-manchester, england.amir-khan-boxerHe became the list-of-wba-world-championslist-of-super-lightweight-boxing-championsafter defeating andriy-kotelnykon 18 July 2009 at the age of 22, making him Britain's third-youngest list-of-current-world-boxing-championsafter naseem-hamedand herbie-hide.He was previously in the lightweightdivision, where he held the commonwealth-of-nations, world-boxing-organizationInter-Continental and world-boxing-associationInternational titles. He was also the youngest British boxing-at-the-summer-olympicsmedalist, when he won a silver medal at the 2004-summer-olympicsat the age of 17. Khan is a british-pakistanisdescended from the janjuaclan. He is commonly known by the nickname King Khan.amir-khan-boxeramir-khan-boxer

Is Manchester united the best tem in the world?

Yes, Champions of England (Premier League), Champions of Europe (Champions League), Champions of the World (FIFA World Club Cup)

Who are the 3 youngest world heavyweight boxing champions?

Mike Tyson was 20 Floyd Patterson was 21 Muhammad Ali was 22

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At the minute, Spain are World Champions and ranked number 1 in the world, so it would be them.

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