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well i am guessing it was either Australia or England when cricket started back in the 1880's which England was playing at the time so i think it might be England

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Pakistan Pakistan

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Sachin ramsh tendulkar

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Q: Which country has played most no of International Twenty Twenty cricket matches?
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Highest score in international cricket twenty 20 matches?

258 by sri lanka in 1st T20 world cup

Who is the 2008 Indian cricket captain?

Anil Kumble for Test Matches Mahendra Singh Dhoni for ODI's and twenty-twenty.

Who is the first to complete twenty centuries in International Test Cricket?


How many twenty twenty matches Sachin Tendulkar has played?

sachin tendulkar has played only one twenty-twenty international match.

Is cricket boring?

No cricket is not boring but it is kind of like baseball and there are 3 types of cricket matches 1)test match for 5 days, 2)ODI (one day international) which has 50 overs a over means you bowl 6 balls and 3) 20-20 a twenty overs match.

Twenty-twenty cricket world cup is being organised in which country?

west indies

Are the size of the fields for One Day International cricket match and International Twenty Twenty cricket match is same?

The can be, but the boundaries for a 20/20 match can be shorted to allow more 4's and 6's to be hit.

Of which country is there no Twenty 20 Cricket World Cup Team represented in the comprtition?


Which country started twenty twenty cricket?

Twenty 20 cricket was apparently originated originated by a person named Nick Borcich in England. The ECS (England and Wales Cricket Board) introduced a Twenty 20 cricket tournament (The Twenty 20 cup cricket tournament) between the various counties. The true origins of Twenty 20 cricket can be traced to the Twenty20 cup county cricket tournament in England which turned out to be a huge success. In fact, one particular match between Middlesex and Surrey had the highest audience in England for a county cricket match since 1953. This successful Twenty 20 cricket match set the seal on this latest format of world cricket- It was now only a matter of time before world cricket took up the natural evolution of the cricket game.

How many matches are in the standard pack?

Twenty Matches (20).

Who is the best player in the twenty twenty cricket?

Shahid Khan Afride.

Who has hit the most sixes in twenty twenty cricket?

chris gayle