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Q: Which country has also been known as Cho-sen?
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Map of Qatar?

Qatar is the country which has been controversially chosen to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. You can find a map of the country online.

What are some names just the country Madagascar has been known for in the past?

the country Madagascar has been known for is red island,madeigascar.and that's it so far

What country spoke Portuguese in the 1450s?

In the 1450s, the main country where Portuguese was spoken was Portugal. But the language also would have been known by peoples living on both sides of the Portuguese-Spanish border. And it also would have been known by middlemen. For Portugal was one of the countries that was involved in the African, Middle East and Asian trade business.

What does it mean to be the chosen people of god?

According to the Tanach (Hebrew Bible), Jews are the chosen people. In this context, 'chosen' refers to Jews having been chosen to follow the teachings of the Tanach.

Is Germany a country or nation?

Yes. Germany also known as Bundesrepublik Deutschland (The Federal Republic of Germany) has been a country known as Germany since 1871. It has gone through several interations until its current form in 1990

What country does KSA stand for?

KSA stands for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. KSA also stands for Knowledge, skills, and abilities. It has also been known to stand for knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

How long has Newzealand been known as an agricultural country?

since 1967

During World War 2 what country was Switzerland known as?

Switzerland has always been known as Switzerland.

Where is the capital of Virginia?

The capital of Virginia is also known as Richmond and is located in the country of the United States of America and Richmond has been given the area code 804.

When is the vice-president officially chosen?

They are chosen soon after the presidential nominee has been chosen.

Which African country was recently known as Upper Volta?

The country of Burkina Faso was known as Upper Volta from 1958 to 1984, having previously been the colony known as French Upper Volta.

When did America become known as The US?

America has never been known as the US. The US is a country on the continent of America