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Hockey was first played in Canada by British troops stationed here.

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Q: Which country created hockey
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What country created hockey?


Where was hockey created?

hockey was created in the great country of canada where they used to play just on ponds and without the pads on players you see today.

What sports end in the letter y?

Rugby, hockey.

What country first played hockey?

Canada for the country the crated hockey

What country does Hockey come from?

I think that Hockey first started in a country named Canada.

When was The Hockey Sweater created?

The Hockey Sweater was created in 1979.

When was Viking Hockey created?

Viking Hockey was created in 1998.

When was Legends of Hockey created?

Legends of Hockey was created in 2001.

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Hockey Canada was created in 1914.

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Bauer Hockey was created in 1999.

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Modo Hockey was created in 1921.

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England Hockey was created in 2003.

When was Stjernen Hockey created?

Stjernen Hockey was created in 1960.

When was Djurgรฅrdens IF Hockey created?

Djurgårdens IF Hockey was created in 1922.

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Championship Hockey was created in 1994.

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ECAC Hockey was created in 1962.

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The Hockey Song was created in 1973.

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The Hockey News was created in 1947.

When was Air hockey created?

Air hockey was created in 1972.

When was That's Hockey created?

That's Hockey was created in 1995-10.

Who made the NHL?

The NHL was created by Ambrose O'Brien. The National Hockey League was founded in 1917 in the country of Canada.

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University Hockey League was created in 1998.

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World Series Hockey was created in 2011.

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Midwest Hockey League was created in 2008.

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Ice Hockey Hair was created in 1997.