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the answer is North Korea

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Q: Which country china Taiwan or south corea has baseball as a national sport?
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Does China think Taiwan is an independent country?

China considers Taiwan part of China.

Is Taiwan a separate country by itself or a country in China?

Taiwan is 99% of the Republic of China, however it is off the coast of Asia, and not within the country of China.

Taiwan is the capital of what country?

Taiwan is a part of China. China's reunification is the general trend and will be realized. Nobody can stop it

What is an island country east of china?

An island country that is east of China is Taiwan. Taiwan is also known as the Republic of China. Its capital city is Taipei.

What is Taiwan?

Taiwan is a country, and an island south of mainland China.

Is Taiwan a rebel country?

yes, and, Taiwan is belongs to china

Is Taiwan country?

Taiwan is just an island. The country's name is the Republic of China, and it controls some other islands off mainland China.

What country claims Taiwan as a country?

People's Republic of China claims the Taiwan island as a province. However, it is still controlled by the Republic of China.

What country is north of the south china sea?

China and Taiwan

What is the mother county of China?

China is a mother country of taiwan.

Which island country is located to the northeast of china-japan or Taiwan?

Japan lies to the northeast of China, and Taiwan is directly east of China.

Is china the fourth largest country in the world including and excluding Taiwan.?

yes it is china is the fourth largest country in the world counting not counting Taiwan. Conrad b.

How are China and Taiwan different states?

China is a single country. Taiwan is an area of Asia incorporating multiple territories.

What year was Taiwan founded?

taiwan is not a country; today's government of Taiwan is Republic of China as they call it, and it was withdrawn from China's mainland after they lost the Civil War

What country is Taipei Taiwan in?

Taipei is in Taiwan... and Taiwan is a country...More officially, Taipei is the largest city and the administrative center of Republic of China.

What island country is claimed by China?


What country is known as the Republic of China?


Which country colonized Taiwan?

Is the china or japan

What country do the Chinese come from?

China or Taiwan.

Is Taipei is a communist country?

Taipei is a city, not a country. It is the capital of the country known as Taiwan or the Republic of China. This is different to the People's Republic of China, that most people think of as being China. It claims Taiwan, but Taiwan is independent. It is a constitutional republic and people can vote, so it is democratic. It is not communist.

What Country that claims Taiwan as a province?

The People's Republic of China claims Taiwan as their 23rd province, though they have never controlled Taiwan or the present Republic of China area.

Does Taiwan border China?

Technically-No. But you could say it is a country that is very close- only the South China Sea is the "separator" of these to countries. Taiwan is just a VERY nearby country. It doesn't "touch" China. Just a close by country.

Is Taiwan a communist country?

No ! Taiwan is very capitalist. Mainland China (The People's Republic of China is Communist-led.

What country do the Diaoyu islands belong to?

China (Taiwan)

What country was nail polish made in?

China and Taiwan