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In Australia and Nauru, it is virtually the national sport. If you refer to the Wikipedian article on "Australian football", you will see that, right now, there are about 50 countries worldwide running Australian football leagues.

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Q: Which countries play Australian football
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What games do Australians play?

Australian rules football

What are some books on Australian Football?

"Australian Football - 100 Years" "How to Play Aussie Rules", printed about 1960 [likely to be out of print] "The Australian Game of Football" - recent print "How to Play Australian Football", by D Russell "The Footy Almanac" "Encyclopedia of AFL Footballers" "Learning from Legends: AFL"

What sport do they play australia?

Australian Rules Football (AFL), football, rugby, cricket

What sport does Matthew Pavlich play?

Australian rules football

Do they play American Football in Spanish speaking countries?

They do play American Football in Ireland.

What other countries play professional football?

If it is American football it is Canada.

Which Australian football team did Ronnie Biggs' son play for?


How many countries played football in ancient times and how many countries play football today?

China played an ancient form of football. Then in 1863 the British wrote the rules and invented football. Over 200 countries play Football...and over 90% have football as their #1 sport. Spain and England are the biggest countries for football

What sport does Cameron Ling play?

australian football league (afl) he plays for geelong football club

Did galway play Australia in football in 1965?

If you are talking about Gaelic Football and Australian rules teams, then the answer is no. The first time Gaelic Football and Australian rules teams played each other was in 1967. A Meath team played an Australian team.

What has the author Don Roach written?

Don Roach has written: 'How to play football' -- subject(s): Australian football

How can you play football in Australia?

if you want to know how to play Australian rules football I suggest that you Google it if you want to know more about the type of football I suggest that you look up

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