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India, Sri Lanka, and Bangledash hosted the 2011 Cricket World Cup Finals.

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Q: Which countries are hosting the Cricket World Cup final 2011?
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How many times does host team competed in cricket world cup final?

1 time a country hosting has played final name is India

Which countries played the final of first Cricket World Cup?

The first Cricket World Cup final was played between West Indies & Australia and England won the Cup.

Which host countries had lost cricket world cup final?

no host country lost the world cup

How many host teams competed in the history of cricket world cup final?

There were 14 countries in the world cup.

Where was the final of Cricket World Cup 1996 played?

1996 Cricket World Cup final was played at Lahore in Pakistan.

Which countries played the cricket world cup final of 2011?

It was played between SiriLanka and India, which was won by India.

Who did India beat in the final of the Cricket World Cup in 1983?

India beat West Indies in the final of the Cricket World Cup in 1983.

Where was the 1975 Cricket World Cup Final played?

The final match of the 1975 Cricket World Cup was played in Lord's Cricket Ground, London, England on 21 June 1975.

What was d final score of cricket world cup 2011 final match?

Final score of cricket world cup 2011 final match: Sri Lanka:274/6 India;277/4

Who scored maximum runs in cricket for England in the 1966 World Cup final?

There were no cricket world cups in 1966.

Who were the quarter finalists in the 1992 Cricket World Cup?

There was no quarter-final stage of the 1992 Cricket World Cup.

How many times have Asian teams completed in the world cup cricket final?

Three countries have done it Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka.

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