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Europe had the most teams, and Australasia had the fewest with 2 (Antarctica had none, but they are not a federation).

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Q: Which continent had the most teams to qualify for the world cup and which continent had the fewest teams to qualify?
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How do they pick the teams for the world cup?

The teams have to qualify.

How 32 teams are qulified for fifa worldcup?

To qualify all teams in the world cup are in their own groups. The groups are A, B, C, D, etc. The groups consist of teams in their continents. They have to beat people from their continent to advance further through the world cup.

How many teams attempt to qualify for the FIFA World Cup?

204 teams I think

Which continent did not have a team qualify for the soccer world cup?

Antarctica is the only continent not to have a team in World Cup 2010.

How many teams qualify for the world cup?


Whow many Soccer teams qualify for the world cup?

Now a total of 32 countries qualify for a world cup.

FIFA rules to qualify to word cup?

Each continent has a tournament to determine which teams will qualify for the World Cup each four years. Europe gets the most qualifiers with 13 while North America receives at least three, and the hosts and returning champions both qualify automatically.

How many teams have qualified for the FIFA World Cup?

32 teams qualify every 4 years.

How do countries get into the World Cups?

After F.I.F.A divides the countries into groups continent vise they then have to qualify , the first two from each group qualify for the world cup.

Which continent has the greatest number of teams in the world cup?


Which region has the most teams qualify for the soccer world cup?

Europe, or the Uefa confederation.

How many teams can qualify to the world cup from concacaf?

A total of 3 CONCACAF teams can qualify to the World Cup. The 4th place finisher has a chance to advance after playing a 2-game playoff against the 5th place finisher from CONMEBOL.