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Rugby is the violentest sport and injuries occur alot.

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Q: Which contact sport has the most injuries?
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What sport has the most head injuries?


Is Soccer a contact sport?

Yes. Contesting for the ball does involve some degree of contact which is tolerated; however, association football is not a full-contact or collision sport. Soccer is most definetly a contact sport.. It may not be as contact as football where you tackle people but in soccer there is slide tackling. I have played soccer for 11 years and have had many injuries because it is such a contact sport but I am a goalie, so it is so much more contact for me than most positions. Hope that helped! :)

How likely is it to be injured in rugby league?

league is a high speed contact sport. there are injuries in most matches. Its the severity of those that is a problem

What sport has the most wrist injuries?


What is the most watched contact sport?

Soccer/football is the most watched contact sport.

What sport has the most injuries in college?

speed walking

Which wrestling injuries are the most common in the sport?

A knee injury or a heart injury & a neck injury

What sport causes the most injuries to children in the US?

Cheerleading or gymnastics is the most dangerous sport and it has been proven

What sport causes the most head injuries?

That would obviously be Football (:

What sport has the least injuries?

baseball is the sport with the least injuries because all you do is run around bases. The most common injury in baseball is a hamstring

What sport is the most common cause of eye injuries in US?


How many people die playing rugby?

Rugby is considered a high-contact sport, but the risk of death from playing rugby is relatively low. Fatal injuries are rare, with most deaths resulting from head injuries, spinal cord injuries, or cardiac events. Safety measures and proper training can help reduce the risk of serious injuries.