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sec As of the start of the 2005-2006 season, the PAC-10 surprisingly has the most players currently playing in the NFL. SEC is second, with the Big 12 being third.

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Q: Which conference boasts the most NFL players?
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Which conference boasts the most NFL players all time?

Which conference boasts the most nfl players all time?

What NFL team has the fewest white players?

The Baltimore Ravens is the NFL team with the fewest white players. The NFL team with the most white players is the New England Patriots.

What NCAA conference had the most players on NFL rosters as of 2007?

The Southeastern Conference had 263 players on the 2007 National Football League opening day active rosters, which led all conferences. The Atlantic Coast Conference was second with 238 players, followed by the Big Ten with 234 players, Pac-10 with 183 players, Big 12 with 176 players and the Big East with 84 players. Among SEC schools, Georgia was first with 37 former players on NFL rosters, followed by Tennessee with 36, LSU with 33, Florida with 31 and Auburn with 30. Alabama had 21 players on NFL rosters, while South Carolina had 19, Ole Miss and Mississippi State had 17 each, Arkansas had 12, Kentucky six and Vanderbilt with five. The SEC had five of its schools with 30-or-more-players on NFL rosters. No other conference had two. Nationally, Miami (Fla.) leads with 46 former players on NFL rosters, followed by Ohio State with 44, Florida State with 41, Tennessee with 36 and Georgia with 35. The lists do not include players who were not on opening day rosters and since been activated. This is also the correct answer for 2005 and 2006. I do not have information about previous years Andrew Sanders Geaux Tigers

What NFL team has the most former UGA players?

Atlanta Falcons

What college has the most NFL players with Super Bowl rings?


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