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The Nebraska Cornhuskers have sold out 297 consecutive games. This season they will celebrate their 300th consecutive sellout against Louisiana-Lafayette.

Going into the 2010 season:

1. Nebraska - 305 (started 1962)

2. Notre Dame - 213 (started 1973)

3. Florida - 130 (started 1989)

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What is the longest running sellout streak in college football?


Which college football team has the second longest streak for consecutive sellout games?

Notre dame right behind the school with the greatest fans the huskers

What is the longest sports sellout streak?

Nebraska football!

What are the longest current streaks for NBA consecutive sellout games?

portland they have like 800

What NHL teams have the current longest consecutive sellout streak?

Toronto Maple Leafs

Who has the Longest running sellout streaks in college women's sports? The longest women's college sellout streak belongs to Nebraska's volleyball team. 164 consecutive sellouts as of December 3, 2011 and the streak will continue when the 2012 season starts.

What NFL team has the longest current consecutive home sellout streak?

The Redskins are the longest but its Pittsburgh that is second! The Washington Redskins and the Denver Broncos have the two longest!

Who has the second longest sellout streak in baseball?

Cleveland Indians. 455 consecutive games from 1995 through 2001.

What NBA Team has the longest streak for consecutive sellout games?

The longest consecutive sell-out streak in NBA history is 814 by the Portland Trail Blazers.

Which NHL team has the current longest consecutive sellout streak?

Minnesota Wild at 371, The Colorado Avalanche holds the alltime record at 487.

Which NHL team has the longest consecutive sellout streak?

The current longest streak belongs to the Vancouver Canucks at 400 and counting. The longest ever streak belongs to the Colorado Avalanche at 487. It lasted from 1995-2006.

What team has the longest consecutive sellout streak?

Im pretty sure that it is the redsox in like 2008 or 2009 they sold out like 550 games in a row

What are the longest running sellout streaks in college basketball?

Duke has sold out 339 consecutive home games through the end of the 2011-12 season. Source: Duke Basketball Game Notes issued by Duke Athletic Department

Florida gators consecutive sellout record?

24 games

What is the longest sellout streak in sports?

The NHL's Colorado Avalanche sold out every home game from their move to Denver until early 2006 - a total of 487 consecutive games, the longest officially recorded sellout streak in sports. Actually...^^^ is wrong...Starting on April 5 of 1977, Portland Trail Blazers began a sellout streak of 814 straight games-the longest in sports history-which did not end until 1995, after the team moved into a larger facility. Nearly double of Colorado Avalanche.

How many consecutive sellouts do the nebraska cornhuskers have?

As of September 1st, 2012: 318th consecutive sellout against Southern Mississippi.

What NHL teams have the longest current sellout streaks?


How many consecutive sell outs at nebraska?

The 300th consecutive sellout will be Sept. 26th 2009. This streak dates back to 1962.

Which nfl team has the longest current sellout streak?

Dallas Cowboys

Floridas consecutive sellout streak of 109 games entering 2007 ranks where nationally?


Who holds the major league home attendance record of consecutive sellout games?

Cleveland indians

Where does Florida's consecutive sellout streak of 109 games entering 2007 rank nationally?


Which NBA team had the longest sellout streak?

The Portland Trail Blazers hold the NBA record for sellouts at 814 games.

What are the top 5 NCAA football home sellouts?

AnswerIt is Nebraska!! They have 294 consecutive sellouts as of 10/4/07. Go Huskers!!Update on the numbers, as of 9/26/2009 Nebraska has 300 consecutive sellouts!!! Way to GO BIG RED!!!Update, As of 11/6/09 Nebraska has a consecutive sellout streak to 303 straight games!!!!!!! a record that will never be broken because Nebraska has the most loyal fans in the world!!!!!!!!!

What was the longest sell out streak in baseball history?

The Boston Red Sox currently own the longest sellout streak in Major League history at over 600 games and counting: They're called the Fenway Faithful with good reason. On July 18, Boston Red Sox fans streamed into Fenway Park for the club's 600th consecutive sellout, a record run in Major League Baseball that began in 2003. Players, coaches and principal owner John W. Henry, a commodities hedge- fund billionaire, marked the occasion by tossing 600 commemorative baseballs into the stands.

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