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East Carolina

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Q: Which college football team has the highest average attendance?
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What football club has the highest average attendance?

borussia dortmund (2011-2012)

What football team has the highest attendance of fans this year?

Borussia Dortmund with an average of 80522

What is the Highest average attendance in a French league?

21,021 is the highest average attendance in a French league.

What was the highest attendance for a football match at Highbury stadium?

The highest attendance for a football match at highbury stadium is 6150 at 13 November 1965

What is the highest attendance at wembley by a football team?


What sport has the highest spectator attendance?

probably either football or the gay american football

What is Manchester United's highest ever attendance at a football game?


Which professional sport has the highest annual attendance in America?

Proffesional Wrestling by far. They Sell out Every arena they go to, and with last years wrestlemania 23 attendance, will likely never be beat, over 80,000 people were in attendance. On average every week at least 30,000 people are in arenas veiwing either ECW RAW or SMACKDOWN. Professional wrestling is not a sport, it is entertainment. If we're talking about professional sports, try football, college football, college basketball, baseball etc. etc. etc. Horse racing is number one in attendance.

What three single sporting events get the highest attendance in the world?

football rugby cricket football rugby cricket

Who has the biggest offensive line in college football?

apparently this year UGA (georgia bulldogs) have the highest average weight on the offensive line, in college and in the pros.

Is BCS is the highest college football championship?

Yes it is that highest and most prestigest game of the entire college football year ~ballsacc

What is the highest level of education Shakira obtained?

The highest level of education Shakira obtained was some college attendance in 2007.

What is the average home game attendance for the Detroit Pistons?

The average home game attendance for the Detroit Pistons during the 2007-2008 season was 22,076 (highest in the league).

Highest scoring college football games?

The highest scoring college football game was Georgia Tech vs. Cumberland the final score was 222-0

Highest ever attendance at a football game?

Nearly two hundred thousand; The 1950 world cup final between Uruguay and Brazil: Attendance 199,954

What is the record for highest attendance at a college football game?

The all-time collegiate attendance record of 123,000 plus was established Nov. 26, 1927 as Notre Dame beat Southern Cal 7-6. source:

Who were the college football national champions?

You can find all champions of the National College Football team on the website of Wikipedia. College football is the highest level of collegiate play in the United States.

Who is the highest paid college football coach?

Nick Saban

What team is the highest scoring in college football in 2010?


What was highest ever footballsoccer attendance ever?

the attendance was 180,000

What are the highest attendance college basketball games of all time?

Kentucky vs Michigan state at ford field

Which college football stadium has the highest number of seats?

The "Big House"College Football Stadium at Michigan Seats 107,501. Ohio State's College Football Stadium seats About 109,000 .

Which sport has the highest average salary?

American football

Highest ever attendance in a coca cola championship match?

highest ever attendance in the coca cola championship

What college football team had the highest GPA in 2011?

notre dame