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Through the 2010 season, West Virginia ... WVU has 691 wins and Pitt has 671.

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Q: Which college football team has more all-time wins West Virginia U or pitt?
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Did West Virginia football team play Arkansas football team?

As of the start of the 2008 season, West Virginia and Arkansas have never met in college football.

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What is the overall series record in college football between Penn State and West Virginia?

West Virginia's record vs. Penn State is 9W-48L-2T

When was West Virginia Mountaineers football created?

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What college football team has won atleast nine games 9 years in a row?

West Virginia University

When was West Virginia Wesleyan College created?

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Through the 2011 season, West Virginia and Tennessee have not met in a football game.

When was the first radio broadcast of a college football game?

The first radio broadcast of a college football game happened on October 8, 1921 in a game featuring the University of Pittsburgh and West Virginia University

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