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As of September 17, 2012, the University of Michigan has 897 wins-the most by any College Football program, all-time.

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Q: Which college football division 1 program has the most wins of all time?
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What division 1 college has the most football championships?


What college football program has had the most football players arrested?


What is the most dominant college sports program ever?

college football

What college has the Second most consecutive sellouts at Division 1 college football?


What college football program has the most players in the playoffs?


Which college football division has put the most players in the nfl?

big 10

What is the most turnovers in a half of a division 1 college football game?


What ncaa division 1A football program has the most all time victories?


What college football program travels with the most fans?

notre dame

Who has the most wins in college football as of 2010?

The University of Michigan is the most winningest football program in the history of the NCAA.

What football program has the most wins?

The University of Michigan has 910 wins as of the end of the 2013 college football season, more than any other program at any level of college football.

Which college has the most wins of any college football program?

University of Michigan THE Ohio State University According to College Football Data Warehouse, as of the start of the 2009 season Michigan was the top Division 1 school 872 wins. OSU was 5th with 808.

What division 1 college football team has won the most national championships?


Which NCAA Division team has the most bowl wins in college football?

Notre Dame

Who has the most college rushing yards ever in division 1 football?

Ron Dayne

What conference in NCAA Division 1 college football have the most national championships?


What NCAA Program has the most Division 1 wins since 2000 in Football?

Montana Grizzlies

What is the most recently created division IA football program?

While they played a few Division 1A teams in the past, Florida International became a Division 1A football program starting in the 2006 season. Their 2006 record was 0-12.

College football program with most NFL players ever?

Oklahoma University

What is a division one sports taem?

Division one simply means that you are in the most competitive level in college basketball, football, etc.

What college football team has the most loses?

Northwestern's Wildcats have lost the most Division 1 games: 596

What is the record for consecutive field goals made in Division 1 college football?

Division I college football is the top tier of college football. The record for consecutive field goals made at this level is split into two categories. The most in a season is 25 by Chuck Nelson. The most in a career is 30 also by Chuck Nelson.

Who has the most wins in NCAA football?

Michigan has the most wins in Division I-A college football. Texas Longhorns are second (has 845) and Notre Dame is third (837)

What is the NCAA record for most consecutive sellouts at a Division 1 college football game?


Which NCAA division 1A team has most consecutive wins at home in college football?

Boise State