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Kentucky has won 2002 games as of 12/30/09

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Q: Which college basketball has won the most games in basketball history?
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Who has the most four point plays in college basketball history?

Aaron Carter

Who has shot the most free throws in college basketball history?

tyler hansborough

Who won the most college basketball games in the 90's?

The Bulls.

Which ncaa college basketball teams have won the most games all time?


What is the most overtimes in college basketball?

The most overtimes ever in NCAAB history was Cincinati Vs Bradley 7OT. 1981

Who did Dean Smith pass to become the coach with the most victories in college basketball history?

Adolph Rupp

Who won the most games at home in history in college football?


Who has played the most mens basketball games in Ohio State history?

Jerry Lucas. Jerry Francis, 133 games.

What division 1 college basketball team won the most games from 1950 - 1969?

The University of Dayton

What division 1 college basketball player has played in the most games in his career?

Shane Battier for Duke

What was the most watched college basketball game in ESPN history?

March 4, 2006, UNC-Duke(as far as I know)

In what building have the most college and NCAA tournament basketball games been played?

Municipal Auditorum in Kansas City