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Bob Devaney won two National Championships at Nebraska in 1970 and 1971. Tom Osborne won thee in 1994, 1995, and 1997.

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Q: Which coaches have won National Championships at Nebraska in football?
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What Alabama football coaches have won national championships?

No Alabama football coaches have won national championships.

How many NCAA National Football Championships does the University of Maryland have?

Maryland has claimed 1 national title in 1953 with the AP & Coaches polls

What college football coaches have won 2 championships?


What football coaches have won ncaa championships?

Urban Meyer for one.

How many national championships in football for Missouri tigers?

It depends on what you use for a National Championship Selector. Missouri has none with the BCS, AP, or Coaches Poll. check the link

Which NCAA men's basketball coaches have won national championships?


What football coaches have won ncaa championships at different schools?

Nick Saban

Which 2 coaches have won national football championships with different schools?

I can only name one and that's Nick Saban. 1st with LSU and 2nd with Alabama!

Have any ncaa football coaches won championships with two different teams?

Nick saben

How many ncaa football championships has Oklahoma won?

NCAA don't officially recognize football championships. My Sooner have won 7 championships thru the AP Poll and UPI (coaches) and one BCS championship.

Have any coaches won the college football championship as their final game?

Tom Osborne with Nebraska. He retired in 1997 after they went undefeated and shared the National Chapionship with Michigan.

How many national titles does alabama football have?

Since beginning play in 1892, the program has accepted 14 of the national championships awarded to the team, including 9 wire-service (AP or Coaches) national titles in the poll-era.

What coaches have more national championships than Woody Hayes?

Bernie Bierman Minnesota 1934,35,36,40,41

How many coaches are in the national football league?

There are 32 head coaches (one for every team) and a lot of assistants.

What has the author Tom Osborne written?

Tom Osborne has written: 'More than winning' -- subject- s -: Football, University of Nebraska, History, Football coaches, Coaching, Nebraska Cornhuskers - Football team -, Biography 'What It Means to Be a Husker' -- subject- s -: University of Nebraska--Lincoln, Football, Nebraska Cornhuskers - Football team -, History 'Foozlers'

Are there any collegiate coaches with national championships with more than one team?

yes.. nick saban

What college football coach has the most national championships since 1950?

If we restrict it to AP/Coaches poll and/ or BCS National Championships for division one college football since 1950 then the breakdown is as follows:BEAR BRYANT 6JOHN MCKAY 3NICK SABAN 3BUD WILKERSON 3DARRELL ROYAL 3BARRY SWITZER 3TOM OSBORNE 3WOODY HAYES 3

How many total ncaa championships does Alabama have?

Alabama Football team has a NCAA recognized 14 National Championships of which 9 are awarded by the Associated Press, Coaches Poll, or a combination of both. (25, 26, 30, 34, 41, 61AP/CP, 64AP/CP, 65AP, 73CP, 78AP, 79AP/CP, 92AP/CP, 09AP/CP, 11AP/CP) The Womens Gymnastics team has 6 National Championships: 88, 91, 96, 02, 11, 12 The Women's Cheer-leading Squad has 1 National Championship: 2011 The Women's Golf team has 1 National Championship: 2012 The Women's Softball team has 1 National Championship: 2012 So if you count retroactive and major but non-AP or Coaches polls for football its 23 total; or if you only count Coaches and Associated Press Polls in football its 18 total.

How many national championships does Ohio state have?

Ohio State has won seven (7) "national championships" in college football as selected by at least one "major" title selector (the AP, the Coaches Poll, the BCS or their predecessors). The titles claimed by the Buckeyes are 1942, 1954, 1957, 1961, 1968, 1970 and 2002.

What has the author Jane A Scroggs written?

Jane A. Scroggs has written: 'The internal labor market of professional football' -- subject(s): Coaches (Athletics), Employment, Football, Football coaches, Labor supply, National Football League

How many NCAA football coaches have won Division 1 national championships at different schools?

Unless I am mistaken, there is only one: Nick Saban, who won the BCS Championship at LSU (2004) and at Alabama (2009).

How many national titles does the University of Texas have?

4 - National Championships - 1963, 1969, 1970, 20054 - Coaches' Poll National Championships4 - Poll Era National Championships3 - AP National Titles

Active college football coaches to win two or more national championships?

Urban Meyer Bobby Bowden Joe Paterno Dennis Erickson Urban Meyer Bobby Bowden Joe Paterno Dennis Erickson

What 5 current division one football coaches have won two national championships?

1. Urban Meyer 2. Pete Carroll 3. Bobby Bowden 4. Dennis Ericson 5. Joe Paterno

Which NCAA football coach has won the most Division I national championships?

According to the 2010 College Football Data Warehouse (see below), Bear Bryant of Alabama has the most, with 6. Next are Bernie Bierman of Minnesota with 5, then Frank Leahy of Notre Dame and Robert Neyland of Tennessee with 4 each. Barry Switzer and Bud Wilkinson, both of Oklahoma, and John McKay of USC have 3 each. 12 coaches have two national championships each. Eleven of these two-championship coaches have won both at the same school. These are: Blaik of Army, Parsegian of Notre Dame, Devaney of Nebraska, Bowden of FSU, Royal of Texas, Erickson of Miami, Paterno of Penn State, Hayes of Ohio State, Osborne of Nebraska, Carroll of USC, and Meyer of Florida. The College Football Data Warehouse (CFBDW) is an online database that has collected and researched information on college football and national championship selections. It provides a comprehensive inventory of national championship selectors and has itself recognized selectors that it has deemed to be the most acceptable throughout history: the National Championship Foundation, the Helms Athletic Foundation, the College Football Researchers Association, the Associated Press Poll, and the Coaches Poll.