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There is 14 games left! There is 14 left because they are 20 teams and that 1 team plays the 19 other teams twice and that's 38 games for season for each team! And they already played 24 out of 38 so they got 14 to go....

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It is Arsenal the year they went undefeated.

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how many games are remaining in premier league this season

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Q: Which club has won the premier league with the most games left to play in the season?
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How many league games does a premier league club play in one season?

38 - there are 20 teams in the premier league and they play each team home and away

Is there any club that crowned all the Premier League FA Cup and League Cup in 1 season?


Price of a season ticket for a premier league football club?

approximately £500 to £1000

Which club is toping premier league?

Chelsea Football Club is the club that is currently topping the premier league.

What were the English Premier League winner of 1997?

The Arsenal club were the EPL winners in the 1997 season.

How is the premier league winner determined?

The club which has the highest points in the end of the season is considered as the champion

What were the English Premier League winner of 2004?

The Chelsea club were the EPL winners of the 2004 season.

Does Manchester united has 19 premier league titles?

Yes, (after the 2011-2012 season, which they didn't win fwi) the club has a total of 19 premier league titles.

What place did Man U finish in 0304 in the Premier League?

Manchester United Football Club finished in 3rd place in the premier league in the season of 2003-04.

Has wigan athletic football club been relegated since their last promotion to the English Premier League?

Wigan Athletic were relegated from the Premier League for the first time, after an eight-season tenure in the league, at the end of the 2012-13 season.

Which football club won the premier league 1995?

Blackburn rovers won in the 94/95 season.

What team won the premier league in 1997?

The Arsenal Football Club won in the 97-98 season.