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The first of the original Olympics was held in Olympia, Greece. The first of the modern Olympic Games was held in Athens.

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Q: Which city was home to the first Olympics?
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Which city was the home of the first Olympics?

Olympia, Greece. I

Which city was the first to home the Olympics?

It depends on what era of the Games that your talking about. The Ancients Olympics were held at Olympia, hence the name Olympics. And in the 1800s, when the Modern Olympics started; Athens was the first city to host the new Games.

What city was the first home of the Olympics?

Athens It might by Olympia. But it was definitely in Greece.

In what city was the first Olympics fully televised for viewers at home?

The first televised Olympics were the 1936 Berlin Olympics which were broadcast on closed-circuit television across Berlin and during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics a satellite was used to broadcast the Olympics to various countries for the first time.

Which city held the first city Olympics?

The ancient Olympics were held at Olympia, the first modern games were at Athens.

Which city first held the Olympics flame?

Olympia, Greece. First Summer Olympics

What was the first US city to hold the Olympics?

St. Louis, Missouri was the first US city to host the Olympics. It took place in 1904 and was the third Olympics.

Which city was the first to light the Olympics Flame?

athens! *its actually spelt olympics;)

What city in Korea held the first Olympics?

The first and only Olympics held in Korea was the 1988 Summer Olympics which were held in Seoul.

What city was the greek first Olympics first held in?

it was held in the city Olympia,greece

What country was home of the first Olympics?


What city and country held the first winter Olympics?

The first winter Olympics were in 1924 in Chamonix, France.

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