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The furthest city from San Francisco that has a population of over 100 thousand people is Saint-Paul, France. It is 18,133 kilometers away.

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Q: Which city in the world is farthest from San Francisco?
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Which city is farthest west seattle or san francisco?

San Francisco

Which city is farthest north los angelis san Diego or san fransisco?

San Francisco

Which city is farthest north los angeles san fransico or san Diego?

san francisco

Which city is further north Los Angeles San Diego or San Francisco?

San Francisco is by far the northernmost city out of those 3.

Which city is farthest west- Los Angeles California or Santiago Chile?

i am a local in san Diego and i am pretty sure that san francisco is farther west

Which city is farthest west Portland Oregon or San Francisco California?

Portland is farther west

When was City of San Francisco created?

City of San Francisco was created in 1936.

What is the farthest Los Angeles to Las Vegas or Los Angeles to San Francisco?

Los Angeles to San Francisco is the farther one of the two.

Which city is father northLos AngelesSan Diegoor San Francisco?

San Francisco San Francisco

Which city is referred to as ''City By The Bay'' is it San Francisco or New York?

San Francisco is The City by The Bay.

Is san francisco urban or rural?

Urban refers to a city- and San Francisco is a city, Rural refers to the countryside, which San Francisco is not.

Which city is farthest north Phoenix or San Diego?

San Diego.