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The 2000 Summer Olympic games were held in Sydney Australia.

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Q: Which city held the 2000 Summer Olympic games?
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What city hosted the 2000 summer Olympic game?

The 2000 summer, or millennium games were held in Sydney, Australia.

Which was the first us city to host the olympic summer games?

Seoul was the first city to host the Summer Olympic Games. In 1806.

Where will the 2024 Summer Olympic Games be held?

The 2024 Summer Olympic Games host city will be announced in the summer of 2015.

What city hosted the 1992 Summer Olympic Games?

The 1992 Summer Olympic games were held in Barcelona, Spain.

Which African city has held Summer Olympics games?

No city in Africa has ever held the Summer Olympic Games.

Which Spanish-speaking city to host Olympic games?

1992 Summer Games: Barcelona 1968 Summer Games: Mexico City

Where was the summer olympic held in 2002?

There were no SUMMER Olympic games. 2002 was when the Winter games were held, which was in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

The location of the 2002 summer olympic game?

In 2002 it was the winter Olympic games not the summer Olympic games. The 2002 winter Olympics, officially known as the XIX Olympic Winter Games, were a winter multi-sport event that was celebrated in February 2002 in and around Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. The 2000 summer, or millennium games were held in Sydney, Australia.

In which city were the summer Olympic games held in 1989?


What city did the 2008 summer Olympic Games at?

Beijing, China.

What was the host city for the Olympic games in 2000?


Which city was the 1908 Olympic games supposed to be?

The fourth Olympic Summer games (1908) were held in London, UK

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