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Toronto, having hosted it 47 times. No other city comes close: Vancouver is nearest at 15.

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Q: Which city has hosted the grey cup the most?
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What city hosted the 1971 grey cup?


What Canadian city hosted the 2000 Grey Cup game?


Where will the 2011 gray Cup be?

Vancouver hosted the 2011 Grey cup!

How many time did Saskatchewan host the grey cup?

They have hosted the grey cup 3 times. In 1995, 2003 and 2013.

When has Calgary hosted the grey cup?

1975, 1993, 2000, and 2009

Which Australian city hosted the Americas cup?


Which city hosted 1975 world cup?

There was no FIFA World Cup in 1975.

What Australian city hosted the America's Cup?

The 1987 America's Cup was held in Fremantle, Australia, and was hosted by the Royal Perth Yacht Club.

Which city hosted the 1966 world cup?

It was londonin 1966.

Which city hosted the 1996 football world cup?

Football World Cup wasn't held in 1996. In 1994 in USA, in 1998 France hosted it.

1950 World Cup in which city?

The 1950 World Cup was hosted in several cities in Brazil.

What years did Edmonton Eskimos win Grey Cup at Home?

Edmonton hosted the Grey Cup in 1984, 1997 and 2002. The Eskimos only played in the 2002 game but lost to Montreal 25-16.