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Aston Villa are based in Witton, Birmingham.

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Q: Which city does the football team Aston Villa come from?
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Who is the best football team Birmingham city or Aston Villa?

Aston villa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the best players are gabby Richard dunne and Stewart downing come on up the villa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is old now!!!! ANDREAS WIEMANN!!!!

Does Aston villa fc come from London?

No Aston Villa are a Birmingham based club in the Aston area

Where can one purchase a ticket to the next Arsenal versus Aston Villa football game?

The fixtures for the new season do not come out for a few weeks so it is not yet known when Arsenal play Aston Villa. However when the tickets do come out one can get them from Ticket Master or from the official website of either team.

How many England players have come from Aston villa to date?


When do premier league fixtures come out?

17th June 2009 10am. Wednesday. This season is the season of Aston villa

Who is better Manchester United or Aston Villa?

I am neither a Man u or Villa fan but overall Manchester United have won far more trophy's than Aston Villa. Also Manchester United are currently better than Aston Villa! Furthermore to add to my points above, Manchester United are probably the most famous team in English football history! To sum everthing up Manchester United are by far the better team and will probably be the best for a few years to come. Although since I'm an Arsenal fan I think it's safe to say Arsenal are the best team in the world!

Have Manchester city bought any new players in the transfer window?

Man City Have Bought David Silva, Yaya Toure & Jerome Boetang... Man City Will Come About 3rd This Season. 1st Arsenal 2nd Chelsea 3rd Man City 4th Man U 5th Aston Villa or Tottenham

Where is Aston Merrygold come from?

Aston comes from Peterborough!!

Has there been a transfer from Birmingham to Aston Villa?

yep. it was Liam ridgewell in summer 2007. in November ridgewell scored an own goal for Birmingham against his old team and birminghams rivals, Aston villa! the final score in that was 2-1 to avfc. it was the other way you donut! villa sold agent ridgewell the BLUES, players want to go to the good clubs so they come to CITY...not the other way.... unless they go around the block and then go nto hesky! Actually 2 players have gone from Birmingham to villa Geoff Vowden in 1971 & Alan Curbishley in 1983.

What Italian city does Sampdoria come from?

The Italian football team sampdoria come from Genova.

Where did the word villa come from?

From the Latin 'villa' meaning large country house

Can Aston merrygold come to your house?


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