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I think there is no shoe that makes you tumble faster. But I know most certainly that the Nfinity brand cheer shoes are the lightest shoe you'll ever put on. I've been cheering in them since 2005 to now.

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Q: Which cheer shoes make you tumble fastest?
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Are cheer shoes good for running?

Any tennis shoes you have are alright for cheer tryouts(: But, preferably a white, flat bottom, narrow shoe would work better! Either way, just make sure you are comfortable & they are shoes you do your best in! If you still would like to know what would be the best choice, just search what cheer shoes look like or go to a shoe department/ sports store & look at the Nike or Adidas cheer shoes! Best of luck I hope you make the squad! Cheerdancelove16

What are the shoes that cheerleaders where called?

we wear special cheerleading sneakers. we do this because we all need to look exactly the same, and they are special sneakers because the bottom is perfectly flat and hard. this is helpful for the bases because the sneakers don't bend and hurt the hands. as for tumblers, they offer good support as well as lightweight to make it easier to tumble and land.

Is cheer better then gymnastic?

In my opinion, yes cheer is better than gymanstics. You can make friends easier because unlike gymnastics it is more of a team sport. Everyone has to work together to either hit a stunt or complete a dance routine. Gymnastics is a necesity for cheer. You are more likely to make a cheer team if you can tumble. Cheerleading in my opinion definitly is more fun than gymastics.

How good do you have to be to make the JV cheer leading team at a high school?

It depends on the school. Some schools require no tumbling at all, you just have to be able to smile, dance, and cheer. However, some schools look for girls with higher tumbling skills such as backhandsprings and tucks

Do some cheer squads make their players cheer with vibrators in?

No, a cheer squad would not make their cheer players cheer with anything inside them. Rumors like this are started by younger children.

What qualities and skills do you think a cheerleader should possess?

Of course, you must bring: cheer bow uniform appropriate shoes warm ups (if your team has) make up (if your team uses it) food hair spray cheer bag etc.

How do you make clothes that are to big smaller?

Tumble dry

How do you make a cheer mix?

To make a free cheer mix, obtain a CD player or recorder. Insert a CD and record parts of your favorite cheer songs.

How do you make a free cheer mix?

To make a free cheer mix, obtain a CD player or recorder. Insert a CD and record parts of your favorite cheer songs.

What does leveller mean?

That there is Cheer 1, Cheer 2, Cheer 3, Cheer 4, and so on. Levels are like how advanced the class is. Cheer 1 is easy and Cheer 5 is more difficult.

What do you nee to make a cheerleading routine?

Cheerleading has 5 parts, Cheer, jumps, dance, stunts, and tumbling. All star cheer does not have a cheer.

How do you bomb a cheer tryout?

to do cheerleader try out you have to do a good cheer to wow to judge make them think that you can do it