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Da 3891-1

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Q: Which certificate is awared to the spouse of a retiring female CSM?
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Which certificate is awarded to the spouse of a retiring female CSM?

DA form 3891-1

Is a divorced spouse entitled to a death certificate in Ca?

If the spouse can prove that a death certificate is needed to prove that the ex-spouse is deceased in order to clear up legal issues. Such as support (alimony), property, etc.

Does spouse on a death certificate indicate that they were married?


Does the married spouse have to be listed on the birth certificate if he is not the father?


How much wages can I make retiring at 65 with spouse drawing off wage earner?

I am 67 and drawing ss when my spouse reaches retirerment age and has not worked what percent of my ss can they draw

What do you call a female spouse?


In New Jersey is the surviving spouse cars solely in the deceased names?

In New Jersey a car is the property of the person listed on the Certificate of Title. If the car is in the surviving spouse's name then it is not in the deceased spouse's estate. If the car was in the name of the deceased spouse, then it is in the decedent's estate, even if they both considered it to be the surviving spouse's car and was used solely by that spouse. The sole determining factor is whose name is on the Certificate of Title.

In California is a spouse responsible for a deceased spouse's credit cards?

If your name is on the account you have to pay. If not, you need to send a copy of the Death Certificate.

Does a spouse have rights to redeem a Certificate of Deposit issued by a bank in the deceased spouse's name?

No, the spouse does not. However, the executor of the estate, which could be the spouse, does have the right. They will have to show a Letter of Authority from the court and account for the monies as part of the estate.

What proof is needed for next of kin?

For a spouse you would need a copy of your marriage certificate.

How do you spell wife?

That is the correct spelling of "wife" (female spouse).

What is the Spanish for wife?

wife, female spouse