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John Austin and Tracy Austin

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Q: Which brother and sister played together and won the mixed doubles at Wimbledon in 1980?
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Who was Serena William partner when she won the mixed doubles at Wimbledon?

Serena Williams played alongside Max Mirnyi of Belarus when she won the Wimbledon Mixed Doubles title in 1998.

What city is the Wimbledon played at?

Actually Wimbledon does not play as it is not a person.The tennis players only play in the Wimbledon championship in the All England Club which was in Wimbledon district.

Where is the Wimbledon open tennis played?

The Championships, Wimbledon are played at the All England Club in the suburb of Wimbledon (Greater London). It is the oldest tennis tournament in the world, dating to 1877.

What type of surface is the all England championships at Wimbledon played on?

Wimbledon is played on grass courts.

What is the name of the center Wimbledon is played at?

The All England Club hosts Wimbledon.

Did Tim Henman ever reach Wimbledon final?

Yes, Tim Henman was disqualified from Wimbledon in 1995 during a doubles match when in a fit of anger he swatted a ball out of bounds and hit a ball girl in the head.

International Tennis event played on a grass court?

the Davis Cup and Wightman Cup tournaments

Where the british open is played?


It makes the grunts sound crisper the Wimbledon tennis championship is the only grand slam event to be played on which surface?

Wimbledon is played on grass.

How is Wimbledon different to the French Open?

One difference is Wimbledon is played on grass, the French Open on clay.

Where was the tennis played at the London Olympics?


Is Wimbledon going to be played on blue clay?

No it will always be played on grass.