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i believe julio Cesar chavez had 37 in total, losing 4 and drawing 2, winning 31.

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Q: Which boxer had the most world title fights in his career?
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Was Chris Eubanks a heavyweight boxer?

Chris Eubank fought at three weights professionally. He started out as a Middleweight and held the WBO World Middleweight Title, he moved up to Super Middleweight and held the WBO World Super Middleweight Title, and in the last two fights of his career he moved up to Cruiserweight to challenged Carl "the Cat" Thompson for the WBO World Cruiserweight Title

Who is a famous boxer from Kentucky?

Mahammad ali heavyweight champion of the world in1964 after only 20 fights and earned the sMe title two more times.Retired in 1979

Who was the youngest boxer to win a world title?

Mike Tyson

Who is hector carraquilla?

youngest boxer to fight for world title

What was rocky marcianos specs?

if you mean his pro record, he had 49 wins out of 49 fights, including 6 defenses of his world title.

Who is the oldest professional boxer in the world?

Dexter Dunworth, 52 was officially the Oldest Active Boxer in 2008.Steve Ward, UK, D.O.B 12.08.1956 (aged 54) was verified by the Guinness Book of Records that on the 19th March 2011 after defending his title is the Oldest Active Boxer in the World.Ward had a comeback after a 23 year retirement and is now the EBF Cruiserweight Title holder.He fights again to defend his title on the 11th June 2011.

First boxer to win the world heavy weight championship title three times?

Mohammad Ali or Cassius Clay was the first boxer ever to win the world heavyweight title thrice.

How many rounds are there in a world chamionship boxing match?

since 1988 when the ibf became the last existing organisation to shortening their world title fights from 15 rounds, all title fights have been 12 rounders.

Who is the best female kick boxer in the world?

she is probably germaine de randamie from holland 17 fights 17 wins

How many world title shots did Frankie duarte have?

He had 2 title fights. one versus pinango and one against zaragoza

Who was the first Ghanaian boxer to win a world title?

David Kotei, former featherweight champion.

Why did boxing stop Having 15 round fights?

depending on who you believe, it was done for the safety of the boxers, or because the tv networks wanted to fit world title fights into an hour long schedule (which is irrelevant now as no networks in the us (or the UK much for that matter) show world title fights anymore.

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