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Chris Eubank (by Andy Portess)

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Q: Which boxer entered the ring to simply the best?
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Which boxer used to enter the ring to Tina Turner's 'Simply The Best'?

Wladamir Klitshko

What did Muhammad ali say when he enterd the ring?

Muhammad Ali didn't say anythig when he entered the ring, but when he was in the ring, he uttered insults to the opponent boxer.

Who has become words number one boxer?

Sugar Ray Robinson - Entered the ring in 1940 left the ring in 1965. His record is: 175-19-6-2 he has KO 109 fighters.

What is the ring name of boxer James Smith?

Boxer James Smith is known in the ring as James "Bonecrusher" Smith.

A Boxer in the ring during a competition has an undeniable urge to leave the ring to brush his hair He does this re-enters the ring and still wins the championship How?

The boxer is a dog. lolz

What is the answer to the jumble puzzle in the Detroit free press on November 4 2009?

The boxer entered the ring wearing red and white and left…Answer: BLACK AND BLUE (cluck, belle, alkali, buzzer)

What gets a boxer out of trouble in a ring?

His foot work

Who is the best beat boxer ever?

benny urquidez was never defeated in the ring going 200-0

What boxer became a champion in 1979 and then shat in the ring?


What is a boxer's foot something that often gets him out of trouble in the ring?


Where do you put in fairy ring codes?

Zanaris Fairy Ring (south-west of the bank). Fairy ring codes cannot be entered into the entrance/exit fairy ring, nor can they be entered into fairy rings around RuneScape; all rings redirect the player to Zanaris, where the code can be entered.

What year did British boxer Lloyd honeyghan retire from the ring?