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Q: Which bowler did give a bye six in cricket?
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Who bowler has the most clean bowled in cricket?

Pasan Rajapakse. On a cricket Finals he bowled six wickets in a row and broke the middle stump into several pieces. Also he is being named for the bowler with no wides and 6 Hat-ricks

If a bowler bowls a no ball in cricket this no ball will counted to batsman as one ball or not?

no it will not be counted if the player scores a six it will be counted

Who was the bowler when Dhoni hit a six to win the Cricket World Cup?

Nuwan Kulasekara was the bowler off whom Indian captain MS Dhoni lofted for six to claim the ICC Cricket World cup for India. It was the second ball of the 49th over (and also the second of Kulasekara's ninth) when Dhoni lofted him into the stands.

How many good balls does a bowler bowl in one over in cricket?

Usually the bowler gets six balls, but if they bowl a wide or a no ball they get another ball and the batter gets a run every time that happens.

What is a cricket segment called?

overs overs Each innings is divided into overs, each consisting of six consecutive legal deliveries bowled by the same bowler.

By which button you can hit a six in ea sports cricket 2007?

While the bowler delivers the ball press left Shift,S,D and some arrow where you want to hit a six.

How do you hit all the cricket balls for six?

You give money to the bowler to bowl all lenght deliveries, So then you can hit with a straight bat and the ball will go over the fence. Or you can play EA Cricket07, i hitted 13 straight sixes.

What is a six in cricket?

In England and in most countries that play cricket, an over consists of six ball over.

Who has hit the world's longest six ever in international cricket history and give me the distance?

Shahid Afridi hit the longest six in international cricket history and it was 132 meters long...

How good bowls does a bowler bowl in one over?


Which six is ever longest six in cricket history?

To give answer to this question is very difficult because there is no perfect system to measure the distance of six before 2000 , so, Sorrry but I think it is better to give no answer than wrong answer.

How do you hit six in howzat cricket?

Hitting a six is all about distance and elevation. So try to get under the ball and whack it!!!. Now again, your timing should be really good to get the distance. This is not as easy as it sounds.You will need a lot of practice. So go on the ground and play. The game itself will answer all your questions!! Cheers!!