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killdeer is the only bird i can think of now but when i remmember i will improve my answer


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Q: Which birds does not built own nest give some birds names?
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What is the the passive form of Birds built nest?

The nest was built by birds.

What is the Scientific name for a birds nest?

The scientific name for a bird's nest is "nidification." It refers to the process of building and using a nest by birds for breeding and raising their young. The specific structure and material of the nest can vary depending on the bird species.

What are the names of two birds that build their nest on a tree?

Many birds make their nest on a tree such as a Woodpecker, Nuthatch and a Tree Creeper.

Do one or both male and female Osprey build their nest?

No defenitely female birds will built the nest

What is birds house called?

A nest, or a bird house.

What are other names for birds nests?

* A badger's nest is called a sett. * An eagle's nest is called an eyrie.

What are the names of the birds homes or their nests?

home name of crow is nest

Why was the birds nest stadium built?

because so when it have a baby it could make them safe.

What is the name of birds house?

If the bird built it then it is generally called a nest. If it was made for the bird by a human it is generally called a birdhouse.

How do trees help birds and animals?

They give many birds and animals a safe place to nest and raise there young.

How can we help mother and father birds access a nest built in an air vent with a flap on it as they are not getting in to feed the baby birds?

try and tear around the nest . make a big enough hole so the parents could get to them

Which company built the birds nest stadium?

The design was by Herzog & Meuron, a Swiss company, and built by them, Arup Sport, and Chinese Architecture Design Institute.