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Q: Which bird feathers are is used to make badminton shuttlecocks?
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Are goose killed to make goose feather shuttlecocks for badminton?

This is indeed a very interesting question. Come to think that will goose feather reproduce if only part of it is trimmed/ removed? I guess they will not. Also, also since they are so many goose being slaughtered daily and why not salvage the feather for shuttlecocks? Geese and ducks molt their feathers every year, naturally, all by themselves, so you could follow your pet geese or ducks around and collect the left wing feathers as they dropped out and use them to make your own shuttlecocks if you wanted to make some that involved not killing the birds. The feathers ARE harvested from slaughtered ducks and geese and used for many uses, shuttlecocks included, the geese are not killed to get the feathers, the feathers are removed to get to the meat. The shuttlecock manufacturers do get the left wing feathers from the meat processing factories.

What does a bird have?

Feathers, meat, heart, lungs, tail, etc. And also blood.

Do a birds feathers get wet?

Well, when it rains and the rain drops touches a bird's feathers. The bird's feathers have something on their feathers that make rain drops just slide right off their feathers.

What are the best shuttlecocks made from?

shuttlecocks are usually made from feather from goose (geese) but RSL Classic Tourney feather shuttlecocks are very good and yonex make good shuttlecocks too.

How does Daedalus make the wings?

with wax and bird feathers

How many feathers does it take to make 1 pound?

That depends on the type of feather. Feathers vary in weight depending on the type of bird and where the feather came from on the bird. To make 1 pound out of small bird feathers can easily take over 1000 feathers. To make 1 pound out of large feathers from an emu or ostrich can take around 200-500, depending on the feathers.

How do feathers make a bird waterproof?

no. the oil produced by their oil gland will make them waterproof

Make a sentence with molting?

If a bird is molting, that means it is a season where they lose some of their feathers (to be replaced by new feathers)

Do you have to kill a bird to make a quill pen?

no, there are feathers that already exist to make a pen, you can also buy them ready made, with faux feathers.

What are job responsibilities of Badminton officials and why in the game of Badminton?

Officials call if a bird is out of bounds, to keep score, make sure players follow rules and make sure serves are legal.

How do you make feathers on alchamy on droid?

Hunter+Bird If you don't have those yet, google how to make 'em.

How was badminton unlike other raquet sports?

Shuttlecocks make badminton unique - a shuttle's unique aerodynamic properties make a huge variety of shots and tactics possible. Feather shuttlecocks in particular will fly straight for some distance without losing much height, and then suddenly start to descend almost vertically. This makes it possible to hit a hard and fast clear over your opponent's head but still have it fall safely inside the court. This degree of control leads to furious rallies that utilize every inch of the court. The speed which shuttlecocks can be hit also makes badminton unique - the fastest smash hit in a match was a thunderous 332kph (206mph), much faster than any shot hit in tennis or squash. This smash record was set by Fu Haifeng of China.

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