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Q: Which bird's name is used in Cricket when a player is bowled out without scoring a single run?
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In Cricket what do you call six balls bowled by one player?


Which Indian player bowled the first maiden over in T20 cricket?

R P singh

Who has the maximum number of runs in his Test cricket career without scoring a century?

Sri Lankan player called Nuwan Kulesakera

When you play cricket with three player when do youstop scoring?

when thier is 1wicketkeeper and 2 slips

Who bowled maximum number of overs in a test match day?

Al Valentine is the cricket player who bowled maximum number of overs in a test match day. He is closely followed by one LO Fleetwood-Smith.

Who was created a record of scoring 10000 runs in Test Cricket History-He was the seventh player?

Ricky Ponting

Who was created a record of scoring 10000 runs in Test Cricket History He was the seventh player?

sachin tendulkar

Who has made the sport cricket in the year 1655?

It was invented by the English batting against a ball bowled to a player wwith a three legged stool as a stumps.

Against which player did shoaib akhtar bowled fastest ball in cricket?

England's Ravi Bopara, at the 2003 World Cup. He didn't get out to it, in case you're interested

How do you get a cricket player out?

there are 10 ways to get out # Bowled # caught # run out # stumped # lbw # timed out # handling the ball # hit wicket # obstructing the field # hitting bowl twice

Name 6 ways how a cricket player can be out?

Six ways are batter can be out are: * bowled * LBW * caught * run-out * stumped (by the wicket-keeper) * knocking over his own stumps

Who was adjudged player of the tournament by scoring most number of runs in the tournament in women's world cup cricket held recently?

jess cameron

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