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Players With Most

200-Hit Seasons

Player Times

Pete Rose 10

Ichiro Suzuki 10 (Active)

Ty Cobb 9

Lou Gehrig 8

Paul Waner 8

Derek Jeter 8 (Active)

Wade Boggs 7

Charlie Gehringer 7

Rogers Hornsby 7

Steve Garvey 6

Stan Musial 6

Sam Rice 6

AI Simmons 6

George Sisler 6

Bill Terry 6

Michael Young 6

Tony Gwynn 5

Chuck Klein 5

Kirby Puckett 5

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Pete Rose holds the record with 10 consecutive seasons with 200 hits or more. Ichiro a Japanese born Major League Baseball player has 9 consecutive seasons with 200 hits or more and this year (2010) will be his 10th consecutive season. Although it is not guaranteed that he will have 200 hits he is on pace to achieve that mark. Ichiro played 9 seasons in Japan and if you were to combine hits from both countries he would be at the top of the all-time list. Ichiro who seems to be ageless stole 56 bases in his first season in the majors furthermore he also won Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player, A gold glove, and the silver slugger award all in his first season. Ichiro is a dynamic player who excels in the field with his glove and arm. He also hits for a high average and was great at stealing bases which has slowed down since he has come to the major leagues. It appears that Ichiro will be the first Japanese born player inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame.

This answer is not right. Pete Rose has the most two hundred hit seasons at 10. Ichiro has the most consecutive at 9 seasons. Will most likely tie the most seasons with Two hundred hits in 2010, which would also be His 10th consecutive season with Two hundred hits.

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Through the 2008 season, the record for most consecutive seasons with at least 200 base hits is 8 and is held by Hall of Famer Willie Keeler (1894-1898 Baltimore Orioles, 1899-1901 Brooklyn Superbas) and Ichiro Suzuki (2001-2008 Seattle Mariners).

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Hank Aaron And Derek Jeter both share the record with 17 consecutive 150 hit seasons.

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Q: Which batter had the most 200 hit seasons?
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What are the most consecutive 200 plus hit seasons in Major League Baseball?

Derek Jeter has had seven 200 hit seasons during his career. Three seasons in a row was his longest consecutive streak, he's done that twice.1998, 1999, 20002005, 2006, 20072009

How many times have the Yankees hit over 200 home runs in a season?

The Yankee's have (to present date) the most 200+ home run seasons in baseball history with 10.

How many hits does ichiro have in the 2011 season?

184, 16 short of have 11 consecutive 200+ hit seasons.

Which batter was hit by the most pitches?

Barry Bonds

What batter has hit the most home runs?

In Major League Baseball, Barry Bonds has hit the most home runs.

Who hit over .300 the most seasons as a New York Yankee?

Derek Jeter

How many times is a batter hit by a pitcher out of 100 times at bat?

In the 2008-2010 MLB seasons, there were 497916 total at bats and 4811 batters hit by the pitch for an average of 0.966 batters hit per 100 at bats.

Who has hit the most doubles in Major League Baseball history and how did he hit?

Tris Speaker hit the most doubles in MLB history with 792. He was a left handed batter.

Which of these second basemen hit the most home runs was it Bobby Richardson - Steve Sax - Joe Morgan?

Bobby Richardson in 12 seasons hit 34 homeruns Steve Sax in 14 seasons hit 54 Joe Morgan in 22 season hit 268.

What happens if a batter gets hit by a?

If a batter is hit by a pitch, that batter automatically advances to first base.

Can you pinch hit for a batter after he is pitched too?

Yes you can pinch hit for a batter once he is pitched to, but of course the new batter starts his at bat with the count of the batter previous.

Who hit over 300 in the most consecutive seasons?

In MLB, that was Ty Cobb for 23 seasons (1906-1928). His lowest batting average for a season during that time frame was .316.