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Virender Sehwag is the batsman holds the records for scoring the quickest triple century in test cricket.He is from India and scored 364.

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Q: Which batsman holds the records for scoring the quickest triple century in test cricket?
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Is sachin tendulkar is a batsman?

Sachin Tendulkar, is one of the most greatest batsmen the cricketing world has ever seen. He has the maximum records to his name. And is considered the father of cricket.. In India he is known as the MASTER BLASTER !!!

What is sachin's Gmail id?

Sachin Tendulkar is said to be one of the greatest Batsman ever lived. He has numerous records to his name in cricket. The ID of Sachin Tendulkar is not available in public.

What are the roles and responsibillities of an umpire in cricket?

An umpire in cricket is the person who has the authority to make judgements on the cricket field according to the 'Laws of Cricket' He settles disputes on fields He makes decisions about the legality of a delivery or a run Considers appeals and is the sole person who can declare a batsman out He keeps records of deliveries He announces the end of an over

When did Cricket Records end?

Cricket Records ended in 1968.

When was Cricket Records created?

Cricket Records was created on 1953-05-25.

When was Century Media Records created?

Century Media Records was created in 1988.

Who has the most records in cricket?

sachin ramesh tendulkar

Which cricketer is know as father of cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar is known as father of cricket.He holds many records in cricket.

What is the highest first day score by a batsman in a test cricket match?

Australia : 496/6 on Day 1Match Between: Australia Vs. South AfricaMatch Date: 25 Jul 1936Venue: ManchesterTest # 253Source:

What are some batting records for test cricket?

sir Donald bradman

Rank of cricket in world sports?

Latest records show 136th

How many Cricket records does Tendulkar have?

24 ODI records and 6 Test records. Check the link for the complete list.