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In UK: Cricket stick

In Australia: Shawollawolla

In the rest of the world there is no word for it.

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gm,gray nichols,Adidas,slazenger,

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Q: Which bats do England cricket team use?
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What is the vaule of a cricket bat signed by the Worcestershire county cricket team 20082009?

Probably about £40 Thats how much you can buy signed bats the bats are normally crusader and not bats you can use to bat with, my county sells them for £40 and we in the same league as them

How would you use Cricket in a sentence?

Cricket is the name of a game that is very popular in England.

What brand bats do the USA Olympic softball team use?

what kind of bats do the usa softball team use

What gear do they use in cricket?

Gear like balls, bats, net, wickets and bases, helmets, gloves etc are used in cricket.

Is it true that the big cricket manufacturers only pay the pro's to put the stickers on their bats and that the cricketers use Bradbury bats?


What wood do cricket players use?

for young players that use bats that are size 1-4, the bats are made of kashmier willow but all the professional player use english willow

What sport do you use a wicket?

The term wicket is associated with the sport of Cricket. When a batsman is dismissed and sent back to the pavillion it is termed as a wicket. People even call the cricket pitch where the game is played a wicket.

What is FSL11 App How People Use for Cricket?

Cricket fantasy app for real cash.

What team did Daniel sturridge use to play for?

Chelsea and England u 21

How would you use Disconsolate in a sentence?

It would have been too disconsolate for the Indian cricket team if it would have lost in the World Cup finals.

Do pro baseball players pay for there own bats?

Most professional baseball players use wood bats because metal bats are very easy to hit a home run with and most pros love the challenge behind wood bats. MLB rules dictate that players use wooden bats.

What body part does a cricket use to chrip?

what body part does a cricket use to chirp.