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St. Louis Cardinals, Baltimore Orioles and Toronto Blue Jays.

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2010-09-29 20:26:56
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Q: Which baseball team uses a bird for their mascot?
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Which National hockey team uses a bird for their mascot?

the airizona cardinals, i think and the Pittsburgh penguins

What college has uses the Rebels as the mascot?

A university/college that uses the Rebel as the mascot is the University of Mississippi. The name of the sport team that uses Rebel as the mascot is the Ole Miss Rebels football team.

What team uses the mascot PITTBULLS?

According to this contributor's quick look around the internet, no major team has a pitbull as a mascot. Several sports team use a bulldog mascot, though.

What is the name of Harvard's football team?

The Harvard Football team's nickname is the Crimson, as in the dark red crimson color. This is similar to the Stanford Cardinal, which also uses a color as their team name. Also similar to Stanford, which uses a pine tree as its mascot, the Harvard Crimson's mascot is a pilgrim/patriot-looking character.

What is the US Navy mascot?

The Academy uses the Navy ram as a mascot.

Which sport uses the team home runs?


What university uses the jayhawk as their mascot?

The University of Kansas uses the jayhawk as their mascot. The history of Kansas and the jayhawk went as far back as 1912 and the mascot is still believed to bring good luck.

Which company uses mrpeanut for its company mascot?


What television network uses a peacock for its symbol or mascot?


Which television network uses a peacock for its symbol or mascot?


What search engine uses its canine mascot to get results for the users?

What sports team uses a bluejay as there logo?

The Toronto Blue Jays, Major League Baseball

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