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its soooooo metal. it vibrates if its fast piched because it is flexible, the wood will braek because it is not.

& it is also hollow and as the ball hits it the ball makes it vibrate.

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Q: Which baseball bat vibrates more a wooden bat or a metal bat?
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Does a metal baseball bat vibrate more than a wooden one?


Does a metal or wooden bat hit a baseball further?

Metal. But the more significant difference is exit speed. The ball comes off a metal bat traveling significantly faster than off a wooden bat.

How do you start a kids science project to determine if a wooden or aluminum bat vibrates more?

you make it into a procedural writing. you list the purpose, the ingredients, the steps and have a paragraph for it. then you take one of each kind of bat and tap in on a baseball field or a concrete ground. NO CARPETS!!!! you feel the vibrations in your hands and ask the kids which vibrates more and start their report.

Which is more likely to be hit by lightning a metal or a wooden boat why?

metal because lightning hits metal mostly

Are wooden folding tables better than metal ones for the garden?

Wooden folding tables are more sturdy, they do not have the tendency to bend like metal tables. You can move the wooden tables easier than the metal ones and you do not have to worry about rusting.

Does a metal baseball bat vibrate more than a wooden baseball bat?

it can depend. usually if a metal bat is struck on the handle its going to vibrate and hurt alot, if you hit a wood bat there it will either break which wont vibrate at all or the bat will stay intact and probably hurt more than a metal bat

What do they make metal bats on?

Metal bats are made out of aluminum. They replaced wooden bats because too many wooden bats broke. Now wooden bats have started replacing metal bats in high schools because metal bats can hit the ball harder than wooden bats and cause more injuries.

Are metal picture frames more sturdy than wooden picture frames?

No, not unless they are welded together where as wooden ones are glued. Metal ones are better for hanging pictures

Are metal bats allowed in professional baseball?

Yes it should be because soon after their college career, baseball players must face faster, better pitchers with weaker, wooden bats, causing bad starts to many rookie careers. With baseball bats that are wooden in college, scouts can help their team much more from more accurate results. No, because if college players used wooden bats there would be a lot more no hitters. That's why they have the Minor leauges

Why would a metal chair be better for an overweight person than a wooden one?

Practically speaking a metal chair is a lot better for an overweight person than a wooden one because metal chairs is more able to support the overweight person than a wooden one.

Are wooden lax sticks better than steel?

wooden lacrosse sticks give you a lot more whip but they break easier then metal lacrosse sticks metal is way better