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She trained at the Arts Educational School and the Royal Ballet School, she was later employed by the Royal Ballet, where she became principal.

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Q: Which ballet company did darcy bussell first joined?
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Who is a famous English female ballet dancer?

Darcy Bussell

What company does Darcy Bussell dance for?


Who are some interesting ballet dancers?

I only know one and she is Darcy Bussell!

When is darcy bussell's birthday?

27 April 1969

Is darcy bussel french?

It's Bussell. And no--she's British.

What medals does Darcy Bussell have?

Since you asked, award-wise, she's been voted Dancer of the year by readers of Dance and Dancers Magazine and won the Evening Standard Ballet Award. In 1991 Darcey Bussell received the Variety Club of Great Britain's Sir James Garreras Award for the most promising newcomer of 1990 and was a joint winner of the Cosmopolitan Achievement Award in the Performing Arts Category. And she also won the Prix de Lausanne in 1986 and spent the prize money on classes with the Monte Carlo Ballet where she attended classes with Rudolf Nureyev.

Who was Darcy Bussell?

Darcy Bussell is an English ballerina who has now retired. Born in 1969, she trained at London's presitigious Royal Ballet School before joining the Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet in 1987. She went on to join the Royal Ballet and was appointed it's principal dancer in December 1989 at the age of just 20, the youngest ever principle ballerina to hold the post. She remained in this job for 17 years, also making guest appearances with other famous ballet companies including the New York, Kirov, Australian and Paris. She retired as principle dancer from the Royal Ballet in 2006 and from dance altogether in June 2007, ending her career appearing in choreographer Kenneth MacMillan's modern production 'Song Of The Earth'. Her main reason was that she wanted to have children and has devoted much time since then to raising her daughters Phoebe and Zoe, although she remains very active in the world of dance in an administrative role, being President of the Royal Academy of Dance, Birmingham Royal Ballet's fundraising appeal (that's Birmingham ENGLAND, not Birmingham Alabama), and being on the board of the Margot Fonteyn Foundation. She is also patron of the International Dance Teacher's Association and the Sydney Dance Company, and currently appears on the judging panel of the popular BBC television dancing competition 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

Who was the prima ballerina of the royal ballet in 1996?

Darcy Buttles (sp?) it was Darcey Bussells.

How old is darcy bussel?

Darcy Bussel is forty five years old. She was born April 27, 1969. Bussel is a retired English ballerina and danced with the Royal Ballet.

Who is a famous ballet?

Well there are many famous ballet dancers such as Anna Pavlova, Rudolf Nureyv ( not sure on spelling ) Anna Halthaway, Gelsey Kirkland, Darcy Bussel, Evan Lysacek and HEAPS more!

How tall is Darcy Bussel the ballerina?

Darcey Bussell, from the information I could gather, is 5"7. This may be incorrect, if you want to know the EXACT height go to her website and ask her directly. I am sure she won't mind being asked.

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When did Darcy Bussel the ballerina retire?

As principal ballerina in 2006 and from ballet in toto on 08 June 2007, She has since toured to rave reviews with Welsh opera singer Katherine Jenkins.

Is Darcy Bussell married?

In 1997, Darcy Bussell married Australian Angus Forbes, a businessman, in Cherwell, Oxfordshire. They originally lived in Kensington with their two daughters, both of whom were born in Kensington and Chelsea, London: Phoebe Olivia (born 2001) and Zoe Sophia (born 2004). In 2008, the family relocated to Sydney, Australia. In July 2012 the family returned to the UK.

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