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Basketball because its meant to be bounced

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Q: Which ball will go the farthest volleyball or the basketball?
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How is volleyball differint then basketball?

in voley ball U dont go to the oponents side while basket ball u can go anywhere in the field.

Which soccerball is the farthest?

the PVC soccer ball can go the farthest

Where to keep your eyes when shooting a basketball?

When shooting a basketball, look at the rim farthest away from you. This way, if you put a nice spin to the ball, a not-too-high arch, then it will either go straight in or hit the rim and roll back into the basket.

Can you use volleyball shoes for basketball?

I think you answered your own question... Can you wear BASKETBALL shoes for VOLLEYBALL? -__- While your at it answer my question, can you wear boots when you go swimming? :P

How hard do you have to hit the volleyball ball for it to go down?

you hve to hit the ball with a downward motion :)

Does a basketball go height then a bounce ball?

It depends on the boucy ball but a decent one can go wayhigher than a basket ball

What can you do as an individual to try to get the ball in basketball?

its simple you ask for the ball and once you get it go home with it!

What sport should you pick basketball or volleyball if you love them both a lot?

you should go with baseball its more

Which sport is gaining in popularity in Chile Go to Recreation. Golf Basketball Baseball Volleyball?

idk one of them

When dribbling a basketball do you flick your wrist or push the basketball down?

push the ball down because if you flick the ball will go in another direction

Which volleyball will go farther a ball with high or low air pressure?

High pressure

Which ball would go further a baseball or a basketball?