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The ball was a Adidas ball it was called the Jabulani ball.

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Q: Which ball was used in fifa world cup 2010 south Africa?
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Who made 2010 World Cup ball?

.the fifa world cup 2010 south Africa ball was jabulani which was made in china and it is a molt ball


jabulani is a Zulu word meaning rejoice. it was the world cup 2010 south Africa game ball

What is the Jabulani Ball?

Jabulani Replique ball is the official Adidas ball for the 2010 FIFA World cup South Africa. This Adidas World Cup 2010 Replique football is hand-stitched for that perfect touch and durability, with a latex bladder for top rebounding.

Who got the golden ball in FIFA 2010?

The person who scored the first goal is: Spiwe tshabalala, from south africa. (Host nation)

How much is the World Cup football?

Well, the South Africa 2010 is the most recent. Obviously you couldn't buy the original ball what the footballers play with, but if you want the same ball to the 2010 football then it would be £78.

What is the difference between FIFA 2010 and fifa world cup 2010 south Africa?

South Africa has slightly superior lighting and has cutscenes of the manager. It has a different layout. It only has the world cup teams. The music from the world cup festival. Fifa 10 has the ultimate team. Be a pro. Slightly worse physics (the ball sometimes seems a bit floaty).

Why is there a soccer ball on the youtube player?

If you click it it plays the sound of the Vuvuzelas, which is a horn that's played by the audience during the 2010 South Africa Fifa World Cup.

What were the spaniard's tactics to winning the 2010 worldcup in south Africa?

The Spanish tactics was to hold the ball and keep passing it.

What do the 11 colours in the official Soccer World Cup 2010 match-ball Jabulani stand for?

The 11 colours in Jabulani ball represents the 11 players on a starting football squad, the 11 official languages of South Africa, and the 11 South African Communities.

Which ball was used in Football World Cup 2010?

In the 2010 world cup a Adidas ball called the Jabulani ball was used.

History volley ball in the world Africa and Ethiopia?

history of vally ball in africa

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Sachin Tendulkar Against South Africa 25 th Feburay 2010 in Gwalier