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It really depends on the size of the slope and the surface terrain but the Golf ball should be fast sinces it is heavier.

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Q: Which ball rolls down a slope faster a golf ball or a tennis ball?
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Which ball rolls down a slope faster a ping pong ball or a tennis ball?

tennis ball because a ping pong ball has more air resistance. but in space its the same

Why will the ball roll faster down a slope?

The ball will roll down the slope because the slope is smooth and slanting. the friction applied is minimum, that's why the ball rolls

What rolls faster a baseball or a tennis ball?

if you apply the same amount of energy, then the tennis ball rolls faster. the equation for kinetic energy is 1/2mv2, with the last 2 being a "square." the mass of the tennis ball is less, so that balances out with a larger speed. hope that helps

Which is faster baseball tennis ball or a cricket ball?

Tennis ball

Which falls faster a tennis ball or golf ball?

Tennis ball, its heavier.

What is the slope of an incline if a ball rolls down it from left to right?

It has a negative (downward) slope.

Why does a ball move faster on a slope?

Because gravity will always pull an object closer to the centre of the earth. At the top of the slope, the ball is further away from the Earth's centre than it is at the bottom - therefore, it rolls down.

When A ball rolls down a slope ramp the acceleration is?


Is a tennis ball faster or a golf ball?


Why should cat food go faster on a slope than soup?

Soup just draaaaiiiiins its way down, slowly, while a ball of catfood rolls down the slope quite quickly.

What falls faster a tennis ball or soccer ball?

A tennis ball is fuzzy, has more drag, and falls slower. A soccer ball is smooth, has less drag, and falls faster.

When a ball is rolling down a slope when does it have the most kinetic energy?

the further it rolls the more kinetic energy it has, the maximum is when the ball reaches the end of the slope.

Can you throw a tennis ball golf ball or baseball faster?


Why the tennis ball is faster as hockey puck?

because the tennis has more bounce in it your welcome

Which balls falls the fastest a tennis ball or a baseball?

golf is faster than both but tennis is faster than baseball

Does a golf ball go faster as you increase the slope of a ramp?

In other words, does a golf ball roll faster up a hill? No obviously not. It would roll faster down a slope, it's called gravity.

What surface do a ball will roll faster?

probably a bumpy surface because when the ball rolls it also bounces which makes it go faster

Why does a ball roll faster in grass or dirt?

a ball rolls faster in grass because grass is sorter and dirt is harder and dirty

If a ball rolls down an incline from left to right the slope of that incline is what?

Negative positive (apex)

What falls faster a bowling ball or a tennis ball?

They reach the ground at the same time.

What falls faster dry tennis ball or a wet tennis ball?

Wet, because in has more weight on it. If a tennis ball is wet it can't bounce it just falls and stays on the ground.

What falls faster a golf ball or a table tennis ball?

A golf ball falls faster because it's heavier than a ping pong ball.

Which does a ball roll farther in grass or dirt?

Neither. The ball rolls faster on cement, not grass, or dirt.

Can you throw a tennis ball or baseball faster?

You should be able to throw a baseball faster, since it has more weight and the wind resistance is not that great on the heavier baseball as it is on the lighter tennis ball.

Does tectonic plate size affect earthquake magnitude?

I believe it does. If you imagine it with a bowling ball and two tennis balls, when you roll one tennis ball into another stationary tennis ball, it rolls away, but not that far. Now repeat the same experiment with a bowling ball and a tennis ball, the result is much clearer as to which moved the stationary tennis ball more. The bowling ball did as it has a larger mass and size.