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Q: Which ball plastic or cricket ball having same velocity will cover more distance?
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Is 2 vehicles having different speed but same distance have same velocities?

No. Same velocity means same speed and same direction.

What is the difference between the distance vs displacement?

Shortest distance is called displacement . displacement =average velocity / average time . It is a vector quantity both has magnitude and direction.But,distance is a scalar quantity having only magnitude.

Why is velocity tangential to the path of a body?

Velocity is a vector; having direction. So, when changing direction constatly to have velocity a tangent can be drawn to the constantly changing path of the object having velocity.

Define velocity and speed?

Speed is the time rate of change in distance, s= d/t. Velocity is the time rate of change in Displacement v=D/t. The difference is distance d is a real/scalar number and Displacement is a vector number having distance and direction.

When a body has constnat velocity what is the acceleration?

The acceleration is zero for a body having constant velocity.

What is the velocity of a body of mass 2kg having kinetic energy of 100joules?

The body's velocity is 10m/s

Who is having highest 100 in ODI Cricket?

Sachin tendulkar

Where can cricket matches be viewed at?

Cricket matches can be viewed at ESPN Cricinfo. This area will give updates, scores, match commentary, as well as having a cricket match archive.

What are the benefits of having plastic shutters for windows?

The benefits of having plastic shutters for windows is that the Luxaflex Plastic Shutters can be fitted to windows. Luxaflex Plastic Shutters come with a 25 year guarantee.

Which is having a higher value of momentum - a bullet of mass 10G moving with a velocity of 400m's or a cricket ball of mass 400G thrown with the speed of 90km?

I am assuming that you meant the speed of the cricket ball to be 90km/h.Momentum = mass in kg x velocity in m/sThe BulletConvert the mass from grams to kilograms.10g x (1kg/1000g) = 0.01kgMomentum of the bullet is 0.01kg x 400m/s = 4kg•m/sThe Cricket BallConvert km/h to m/s.90km/h x (1000m/1km) x (1h/3600s) = 25m/sConvert g to kg.400g x (1kg/1000g) = 0.400kgMomentum of the cricket ball = 0.400kg x 25m/s = 10kg•m/sAnswer: The cricket ball has the greater momentum.

Why dont you do work when you carry an object at a constant velocity?

because it wont be as heavy when it stays having the same velocity

What is the trajectory of a projectile having velocity greater than escape velocity?

It will eventually straighten out as it escapes gravity.