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Q: Which ball in sports has the most spin?
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What is the most sports played in Indiana?

Spin the bottle

Which baseball pitch has more backspin?

Most backspin: 4 Seam Fastball. Most forward spin: Curve ball. Side Spin: Slider. Least Spin: Knuckleball.

The world most sport?

ball sports

Which sports use agility?

Most of the sports. Such as horse riding, swimming basket ball.

Definition of top spin in tennis?

Top spin is when you brush up on the ball with the racquet to make top spin. Top spin is used in tennis to make the ball drop onto the court so it will not go out of play. It is the most common used shot in tennis. It is very consistant.

How do you pot a snooker ball?

To put spin or side on a cue ball you strike the ball off-centre. So imagine a point in the centre of the ball which is half way up from the table and directly opposite to the direction you wish the ball to travel. If you strike the ball around this point you will force the ball to spin. So strike below this point to put backspin on the ball, above this point to put top-spin and either side to put side-spin. Obviously you can impart both top and side or bottom and side by striking the ball towards a diagonal. The spin you put on the ball will act to move the ball in the direction of the spin. This is most notable in back-spin where once the forward momentum of the ball is taken by striking another ball the backspin cause the ball to move in th opposite direction of the strike. The amount of spin placed on the ball can take affect as the ball is moving, so enough side-spin can cause the ball to follow a curved path. The effects of the spin can be improved by tilting to follow the type of spin you wish t impart; so hold the butt of the cue higher to get better backspin or hold the butt lower to get better top-spin. Doing this with side spin becomes difficult as you have to adjust the angle of the strike. In its most extreme you can strike downwards towards the side of the ball to cause it to curve - this takes a lot of practice and you have to be careful you do not damage the table. However I find the most important part of putting spin on the ball is ensuring that you follow through the stroke with your cue and make the stroke smooth and decisive. If you snatch at the cue you will either hit the ball in the wrong place or scoop the ball causing it to jump. I hope you have found this helpful.

Word China man is associated with which sports?

this term is used in cricket for a left arm unorthodox spinner......the one who uses the wrist to predominantly spin the ball,usually off-spin for a right handed batsman.

What is the most forgiving golf ball?

Golf balls are not talked of in terms of being forgiving. If you are a higher handicap player you would probably want a distance ball, but if you have a high swing speed you should get a spin ball. Try a few and see what works for.

What is tennis ball spin name?

Top spin, back spin... There's a few.

Can you spin a chi ball?


How do you hit a curveball in tennis?

You have to spin or slice the ball hardly, but if you watch the "prince of the tennis'' before, you will know that a ball can't spin that incredible. The ball curved depends on your strength, just spin your hardest!

What are the most popular sports in Lithuania?

Bascket ball