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The answer depends largely on the kicker, as leg strength and kicking technique are the greatest factors in determining final length of the ball's flight. There are some mechanics of the ball itself that may make a slight difference.

Why the football might go farther:
  • A soccer ball is slightly heavier (just a few grams, on average) than an NFL football. This means that more force is required to kick it the same distance.
  • A soccer ball's shape gives it a larger profile, so it is more susceptible to wind resistance (drag). This gives a slight advantage to the football unless there is a tailwind, which will help the soccer ball.
Why the soccer ball might go further:
  • A football is narrower, and so it is harder to kick with accuracy. Because of its shape, a few millimeters difference in kick location can make a lot of difference in how the ball flies. In comparison, a soccer ball is basically spherical, and so it is less susceptible to this phenomenon.
  • Because of its shape, a soccer ball gains more benefit from a tailwind, and so would likely fly farther if there is a moderate or strong wind at the kicker's back.
  • A soccer ball tends to be softer, which allows it to "bounce" off of the kicker's foot, whereas a football is less flexible and pushes back against the foot, transferring some of the energy back to it.

If bouncing after initial landing is also considered, the football has the capability of bouncing backward, which gives the soccer ball a better after-the-bounce average.

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Q: Which ball can be kicked the farthest the soccer ball or the football?
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