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Q: Which athlete carried Australia's Flag at Olympic games in Beijjing2008?
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Which member of Super Junior carried the Olympic torch?

Han Geng carried the 2008 Olympic torch.

What is carried from Greece to the site of each modern Olympic games?

The Olympic Torch

Who carried the 2012 torch?

david beckham and jedward have carried the olympic torch

Who carried the olympic torch in 1996?

My grandfather John S. (Jack) McCarthy was one of the ones that carried the olympic torch in 1996 and he had type 1 diabetes.

When was the olympic torch first carried?


How is the Olympic flame carried on a plane?

The olympic flame is not extinguished from the time it is lit in Olympia to the end of the games in the host city. When it is carried on a plane it is held in several sealed containers

What is the sacred symbol that is carried around the world in a relay representing the celebration of the Olympic Games?

It is the Olympic Torch!

When was the Youth Olympic Games first carried out?


Who carried the first olympic torch?

step toe

How many kilometers is the olympic torch carried?


What countries is the Olympic Torch carried through?


Who carried the Olympic torch 2010?

Wayne Gretzky

How many runners carried the Olympic torch?


Which NZ athlete carried the NZ Flag in the opening ceremony in 2012?


Who carried the torch at 2008 Olympic games?

Yao Ming

Are the Olympic torch and the Olympic flame the same thing?

Olympic torch-bearers, nominated by sponsors of the Olympic games, carry the Olympic flame from its source, in Athens, to the main stadium, using a series of gas-filled Olympic torches, much like a relay race. Each torch-bearer is given their own Olympic torch (which they keep) which is lit by the Olympic flame carried by the previous torch-bearer. To preserve the flame's continuity, the Olympic flame is carried in special safety-lamps while travelling by air or sea. Once at the main stadium, during the opening ceremony, the final torch-bearer lights the Olympic beacon which remains lit throughout the games. The Olympic flame is therefore the flame itself, while the Olympic torches are the receptacles that carried the flame from Athens to the main stadium.

History of the olympic games?

the olympic games first started in 776 bc in Olympia and then carried on every 4 years

Who carried the Olympic torch in 1804?

There were no Olympic Games in 1804. The first modern games were held in Athens, Greece, in 1896.

How many people actually carried the Olympic torch?

over 10,000

Who carried the final torch that lit the Olympic Cauldron?

Wayne gretzky

Who ran with the olympic torch from New Zealand?

Three time Olympic medalist Barbara Kendall carried the torch for New Zealand.

What happens to the Olympic torch?

After the torch has been used it is presented to the person who carried it, important members of the Olympic organisation or auctioned for charity.

How does the olympic flame get over seas?

The olympic flame is carried overseas in a chartered airplane. It is enclosed in a lantern which is lit from the torch in the departing country.

How is the Olympic flame carried from Greece to the host country?

Its not. The Greeks come to the host country and light it there! then its carfully ran to thec olympic stadum

How does the Olympic torch go underwater?

When the Olympic torch is carried underwater, a magnesium torch is used, since it can burn even under water.