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Q: Which arsenal player was on loan at arsenal for six games before signing permanently?
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What arsenal player was on loan for 6 games before signing?

Alex Song

Who was the arsenal player that never scored?

Messi is My favorite player from arsenal... But he has never scored a goal for arsenal

Highest paid player in arsenal?

It is the Arsenal captain Fabregas.

Will podoski come to arsenal?

He's currently an Arsenal player.

Who is arsenal's second most capped player?

Ian wright is the second most caped player for Arsenal.

Who is arsenal's hottest player?

The hottest arsenal player is either Robin Van Persie or Mical Arteta.

Who is arsenal's best player's?

Currently the best player at arsenal is Fabregas, the prain and the playmaker of the club, who can change

Highest paid Arsenal players?

The highest player at arsenal is Fabregas.

What Arsenal player is 25years?


Last arsenal player before walcott to score hatrick for England?

I think David Platt against San Marino when he scored 4 although I dont think he was at Arsenal at the time

Who was the last English player to score a hat trick for arsenal before Walcott?

I think it was Jermaine Pennant on his debut.

Is Gonzalo Higuain an arsenal player?

No,higuain never played for Arsenal but talks have been rumoured for his transfer to arsenal.