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"You would wear it on your right arm."

Is not correct. A black armband should be worn on your left arm. The reason for this is that the armband represents the deceased and by wearing the armband you are wanting to keep the deceased close to your heart. Your left arm is the one closer to your heart.

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Q: Which arm do you wear a black armband on as mark of respect?
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Why did Franklin D Roosevelt wear a black armband after the Pearl Harbor attack?

This answer is NOT TRUE at all. FDR wore the black armband because his Mother had just died. Not because of the attack on Pearl Harbor

When someone is sick which colour armband would you wear as a sighn of respect and keeping them close to your heart?

Probably pink. But you can also wear their favorite color! It doesn't really matter what color though. Its your choice.

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What do Jewish wear on their head as a mark of respect to god?

A kippah, or Yarmulke, or a hat or streimel.

What is on shmuel's armband?

✡ That symbol is the Star of David. It symbolises the Jews. Shmuel, being a Jewish prisoner at Auschwitz death camp, must wear the Jewish armband.

Who use armband in ancient Egyptian?

Kings and queens wear armbands made of gold and silver.

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So that they know or tell the people (notify) theyare the captains.

What is the contence in chapter 12 in the book The Boy in the Striped Pajamas?

Shmuel talks about his past and that they had to wear them jew armband logos