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1. University of Cape Town - Faculty of Commerce

Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Management China

2 Fudan University School of Management - BI Norwegian School of Management

Dual-degree (SPORTS) MBA Switzerland

3. AISTS - EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne), UNIL (University of Lausanne), UNIGE (University of Geneva), and IDHEAP

AISTS Master in Sport Administration (MSA) Spain

4. IE Business School

Master in Sports Management U.S.A.

5. San Diego State University

MBA Sports Business Management USA

6. University of Virginia - Darden School of Business

MBA Media, Entertainment & Sports Management cANADA

7. University of Alberta

MBA Specialization in Leisure and Sport Management SPAIN

8. Pompeu Fabra University - idEC & Barcelona School of Management

Master in Sports Management and Direction Australia

9. University of Technology Sydney - UTS Business

Master of Management in Sport Management Australia

10. Griffith Business School - Griffith University

Master of Business - Graduate Certificate in Sport Management


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Q: Which are the 10 best colleges for learning sports management?
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