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There is no limit, but you have to consider what is physically possible.

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Q: Which are most the goals to be scored in an official football game?
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In a premiership game of football when are most goals scored?

Most goals are scored in the last 20 minutes in a E.P.L.

What football player scored the most goals in there football career?

In terms of official matches, i think it is Josef Bican, a Czech-Austrian striker. He scored 804 goals (this is a lower bound so the actual number may be higher). If you include unofficial matches (friendlies, army etc), he scored more than 1467 goals - 6 more than Germany's Gerd Muller who bagged 1461 (735 official) goals.Also notable is Pele, who scored 1284 goals (765 official)how ever liverpools steven Gerrard has scored 5000 goals in 1 game

Are goals scored in a football match more in the last third compared to the first or second third of the game?


What was the highest score in an arsenal football match away?

In an Arsenal verses Spurs game there were a total of eleven goals scored..

Did Alex Ovechkin scored 9 goals in a game?

No he has not scored 9 goals in a game. It would be really hard to score 9 goals in ONE game. But I think it would be awesome if he did score 9 goals

Top 10 most goals scored in a career?

Rooney scored 6 goals in a game before

How many goals have kettering town scored in the fa cup?

Kettering town football club with 823 goals, last game with Eastwood town 3rd Jan 09

What is the most goals scored in one game of football?

149 goalsAS Adema defeated Stade Olymique L'Emyrne 149-0 in 2002

Who scored the most goals in one game in a top fleight game in UK?

Alan Shearer has scored the most (260) premier league goals.

How many goals scored by hari khadka in international game?

Hari Khadka has scored 13 International Goals for Nepal

Which player has scored the highest number of goals in any football game?

Conka smith a lower league player scored an amazing 12 goals in 2009 for woo utd in smiffy stadium a 16-0 win over Staines utd in collingtrees The Rec.

What is the most goals a kid has scored in one soccer game?

I have socorred 17 goals in a single soccer game