Which age is most active in sports?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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83 year old people football

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Q: Which age is most active in sports?
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Is Josh Hutcherson active in sports?

Yes Josh Hutcherson is active in sports

When did EA Sports Active happen?

EA Sports Active happened in 2009.

What age do most people start becoming sexually active?

In most places, the age of consent is 16

What age group is most active in Australia?


When was EA Sports Active created?

EA Sports Active was created on 2009-05-19.

What is phsical education?

It is a class at most schools where you are physically active and you learn new sports and stuff.

How do you lose weight at the age 10?

Just become active, play more physical sports whenever you can and try to eat less

Most sexually active age for women?

49 years old

Does being in sports at an early age hurt children?

Quite the opposite actually! Starting sports at and early age keeps young children healthy, safe, and promotes social skills, increases learning ability, and it can form bonds that can last a lifetime. Many people, including myself, have known friends that they met playing sports at a young age, and are still very close with them today. These days, staying active is the most important thing a young person can do.

How can a girl get a perfect body at an age of 13?

You can work out or do a cardio workout. Be active everyday and eat healthy. Some things you can do is run, play sports, jump rope, whatever gets you active.

Will Wii rot your brain?

no because you are active in most of the games ( wii play wii sports, etc).

What is the definition of active in sports?

Being designated as active in sports is basically saying that you're still involved. In car racing, an active driver is a driver who is not retired. For sports teams, active means you are part of the current roster, meaning you're not injured or suspended.