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Q: Which aboriginal tribe does Cathy Freeman come from?
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How did Cathy Freeman overcome discrimination?

By being proud of her roots and having total belief in herself and her abilities along with a strong will and determination. After winning gold at the 1994 Commonwealth Games and taking her victory lap with the Aboriginal flag draped over her shoulders she said: I just wanted to show I am proud of who I am and where I come from. I would love to one day go out to the bush and spend time with the elders of my culture, and get back to my roots." Click on the 'Cathy Freeman' link below to read an article about her life from the MyHero Project.

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Cathy Come Home was created on 1966-11-16.

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it is of irish origin

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The name "Canberra" is believed to come from an aboriginal word meaning "meeting place".

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Aboriginal art comes from Australia. It's called aboriginal because it's made by the aborigines, or indigenous Australians.

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Aboriginal Art comes from Australia The aborigines (original inhabitants of Australia) are the creators.

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